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  1. Open World

    1. Anything Goes

      Area for posting games (not video games), videos, photos, jokes, memes, and other things...

    2. Trackers & Warez

      Area dedicated to discussions and issues related to national (brazilians trackers/warez) and international warez trackers and forums.

    3. Analyzes & Reviews

      Area for Analysis and Reviews of Hardware, Peripherals, Gadgets, Cell Phones, Notebooks, Consoles etc. Want to evaluate a virtual store? Tell us about your experience with the store and whether or not it is reliable!

  2. Platforms

    1. 9.8k
    2. 1.5k
    3. 602
    4. 113
    5. 297
    6. e-Sports

      The expression "eSports", derived from the English "eletronic sports", also known as Electronic Sports, is the name intended for the modalities of professional competition of electronic games (video games).

    7. 841
  3. Must Have

    1. Call of Duty

      Forum dedicated to the Call of Duty seriesCOD Mobile, COD Warzone, COD MW etc, available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

    2. GTA V - Grand Theft Auto 5

      Forum dedicated to the GTA series, available for PC, Xbox and Playstation. Ask questions, share your experiences and knowledge or make an appointment with friends.

    3. Minecraft

      Fórum dedicado ao jogo Minecraft, disponível para PC, iOS, AndroidXbox e Playstation

    4. Battlefield

      Forum dedicated to the BF VBF 1, BF 4, BF 3 and BF Hardline, available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

    5. FIFA / PES

      Forum dedicated to the FIFA series and eFootball PES, available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

  4. Web & Design

    1. Tips and Tutorials

      Area for posting Tutorials & Tips on Creation, Design and Development

    2. Gallery

      Area for posting works developed by you, for forum members to evaluate.

    3. Development - Helpdesk

      Area designed to answer your questions about Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, IPB, PHPBB, VBulletin, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql, C, C ++, C #, Java, Delphi 3D and General Modeling .

  5. GGames

    1. Announcements

      News about our projects and plans for the development of the GGames community.

    2. Support, reviews, doubts & suggestions

      Area reserved for users who wish to receive support, make suggestions, provide criticism and/or have any questions about the structure of GGames. Please note that you will only be able to see your own topics.

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