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Download Trainer Need for Speed: Most Wanted {RacerS}


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Trainer Need for Speed: Most Wanted {RacerS}


Trainer Options:

  • F1 -unlimited nitro and slow time
  • F2 -jump about 10 metres (this can be modified in the Properties window, the trainer)
  • F3 -superhamulce
  • F4 -move 2 times faster
  • F5 -instant speed of 150 miles per hour (you can modify in the trainer)
  • F6 -obstructing driving other drivers
  • F8 -skip forward
  • F9 -a large amount of cash
  • F10 -never will be caught by the police
  • SHIFT + # – remember the current position on the map
  • CTRL + # -reading previously saved items

Please Note! The Trainer works with version 1.2 of the game.


Boa Jogatina!



  • Curtir (+1) 1

"I'm the best there is at what I do but what I do best isn't very nice." Logan

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