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IPS Message

Information: test Danger: test2 Warning: test3 Success: test4 General: test5 12345 This is an error message.
  <div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_info"> <strong>Information:</strong> test </div> <div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_error"> <strong>Danger:</strong> test2 </div> <div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_warning"> <strong>Warning:</strong> test3 </div> <div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_success"> <strong>Success:</strong> test4 </div> <div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_general"> <strong>General:</strong> test5 </div> <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_error'> <span class='ipsMessage_code'>12345</span> This is an error message. </div>  


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