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  1. Drivers thrown across the track, shattered fences, mangled cars, exploding tire walls, and that's just the first corner! Use every trick, shortcut and jump as you battle 7 rivals for the championship. FlatOut delivers a thrilling combination of high-octane racing, smash-em-up demolition derby action and death defying stunts propelling the driver through the windshield! Wreak havoc, as you race on 36 tracks in fully destructible environments. Choose among 16 different upgradeable cars that take realistic damage, affecting their appearance and drivability. FlatOut features 6 death defying minigames (High Jump, Long Jump, Darts, Bowling, Bullseye, Clown) and 6 destruction arenas and dirt tracks (Demolition Dash, Super Mud Mayhem, Demolition Sandpit, Circle of Eight, Super Roundabout, Crashalley Run). Win all of them, because if you're not the first you're the last! A sophisticated physics engine, enabling ragdoll animations and a very advanced collision model Bonus mini-games including Figure of 8 and Demolition Bowl 36 race tracks with fully destructible environments and 16 badass, customisable cars! [Hidden Content]
  2. O BRSociety tem mais conteúdo por ser voltado pra cursos. Falando sobre a comunidade, sempre tem alguém ajudando quem tem dúvidas sobre programação, visto que é um dos assuntos mais discutidos lá no BRS e um dos que mais tem conteúdo. Não sei como é a comunidade do ASC nesse assunto, mas não acho tenha tanta diferença de engajamento.
  3. Em resumo, invadiram o banco de dados e vazaram várias informações dos membros. Segundo alguns usuários, todos os comentários sobre o assunto estavam sendo excluídos e a staff só se pronunciou dias depois do ocorrido.
  4. The Swine are Rising! In 2010 Frictional Games terrified the world with the cult horror Amnesia: A Dark Descent. Now they bring you a new nightmare. Created in collaboration with The Chinese Room, the studio behind Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is an intense and terrifying journey into the heart of darkness that lurks within us all. The year is 1899 Wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus awakes in his bed, wracked with fever and haunted by dreams of a dark and hellish engine. Tortured by visions of a disastrous expedition to Mexico, broken on the failing dreams of an industrial utopia, wracked with guilt and tropical disease, he wakes into a nightmare. The house is silent, the ground beneath him shaking at the will of some infernal machine: all he knows is that his children are in grave peril, and it is up to him to save them. Step back into the horror Like The Dark Descent, this is a game driven by its story, exploration of the world and the constant fear of the unknown. You can expect classic Amnesia gameplay, physics interaction and the signature blend of high-end gaming with low system requirements. Think you understand fear? Think again. A Machine for Pigs takes both the world of Amnesia and the technology of The Dark Descent to new heights of horror. Built using an updated version of HPL2 engine, the game features stunning visual and environment design, incredible music and audio effects and adapted artificial intelligence. These are all driven by a gut-wrenching, blood-curdling new story, set sixty years after the events of the original game. Unique game created in collaboration between two independent game companies famous for exploring the outer reaches of what games can be. Fresh and new approach to the Amnesia world while staying true to its origins. Unique physics interaction that has been developed and improved since 2005. Exceptional artwork and environments that run on low system specifications. The darkest, most horrific tale ever told in a videogame. Stunning soundtrack by award-winning composer Jessica Curry. [Hidden Content]
  5. @Rhagnar Acho esse tracker bem fraquinho, tem opções gerais melhores. Somando isso com os fatos que ocorreram, não penso em frequentar mais.
  6. Depois do que rolou nas últimas semanas , eu já teria abandonado esse tracker.
  7. Vc pode comprar o convite com gcoins na lojinha aqui do site ou esperar até que abram os cadastros novamente.
  8. Nome do tracker: BRSociety Gênero: Cursos, ebooks e documentários " REGISTRO LIVRE, ou seja, abertura do registro porém avise os amigos para que não use VPN no registro (após pode) e nem crie mais de uma conta, todas serão verificadas e monitoradas após o fechamento dos registros e as que foram banidas por IP/dispositivo duplicado não terão direito a revisão. -08/05/2023 à 21/05/2023: Inicio do FREELEECH global junto ao Double Upload " [Hidden Content]
  9. O Clube do Dual é um espaço sem fins lucrativos para compartilhamento de dublagens pt-br e pt-pt. [Hidden Content]
  10. Pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard. > Explore You are a drone operator, surrounded by old gritty tech that acts as your only eyes and ears to the outside world. What you hear comes through a remote microphone. What you see is how each drone sees the world. Motion sensors tell you something's out there, but not what. And when you issue commands, you do it through a command line interface. > Adapt You have to earn everything in Duskers, scavenging drone upgrades, drones, and even ship upgrades. But dangerous creatures lurk in these derelict ships, and weapons are rare, so you may need to think of a clever way to explore a military outpost using only a motion sensor and a lure. But even if you find a way, the sensor that you rely on may break down, or you may run out of lures, even your drone's camera feed can start to fail. A favorite strategy can't be exploited for long, so you'll have to continually adapt. > Survive Duskers is set in a procedurally generated Universe, and when you die you lose everything. You not only need to worry about what hazards lay waiting for you in the derelicts, but also running out of fuel, or parts to modify your drones and ship. You are alone, isolated in the dark reaches of space. Only by sifting through what ship logs remain un-corrupted can you piece together what happened. > Features Use a Command Line Interface to control drones & ship systems Explore procedurally generated derelict ships and universe Upgrade and modify drones with the salvage you find Discover ship logs and piece together what happened [Hidden Content]
  11. Whacky, graphically brilliant, extremely funny and incredibly entertaining, that was the judgement of the specialized press about BIING!. Of course you, as the manager of “Brainworm Memorial” should know exactly what’s important in modern medicine nowadays! Specialists with a golf handicap under 50? Definitely qualified! Nurses with an education level below 3 and a bust less than 100? Highly unqualified. After all, you have to offer something to your patients. Only a satisfied customer pays the steep bill with a dreamy smile and returns. And only a healthy bank account allows you to buy the necessary medical hardware, like an ambulance and the operating theater. Well - the golf course could also use a renovation. Let’s hope you will never be admitted to this hospital. After all, we don’t take responsibility for your physical and mental integrity. In case of risks and side effects, please take your doctor to the pharmacist and not to us! [Hidden Content]
  12. Warpips é um jogo fácil de aprender, mas com estratégias complexas de disputa direta. Mobilize a composição correta de soldados, tanques, helicópteros e aviões nesse intenso jogo de combate estratégico. Monte o melhor exército, pesquise as tecnologias certas; domine o inimigo! [Hidden Content]
  13. Nome do Tracker: Mansão dos Animes (MDAN) Gênero: Anime Descrição: Mansão dos Animes é um tracker brasileiro para lançamentos de animes. [Hidden Content]

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