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Download Trainer Cyberpunk 2077 {CHEATHAPPENS}


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Trainer Cyberpunk 2077 {CHEATHAPPENS}

Activating this trainer
If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options
Subtract: Game Speed

Trainer Options
# Player 

  •      NumPad1: Unlimited Health and Stamina
  •      NumPad2: Ghost Mode

# Enemies 

  •      NumPad3: Super Damage

# Inventory 

  •      NumPad4: Unlimited Use Items

# Weapons 

  •      NumPad5: No Reload
  •      NumPad6: Unlimited Ammo
  •      NumPad7: No Recoil
  •      NumPad8: Super Accuracy

# Hacking 

  •      NumPad9: Unlimited Breach Timer
  •      Multiply: Unlimited RAM
  •      Add: Fast Reset RAM Skills

# Crafting 

  •      Subtract: Easy Crafting and Upgrades

# Gameplay 

  •      Decimal: Game Speed

Editor Options
# Currency 

  •      Money

# Inventory 

  •      Current Max Weight

# Player Progression 

  •      Level
  •      Experience
  •      Street Cred Level
  •      Street Cred Experience

# Player Ugrades 

  •      Attribute Points
  •      Attribute Points Spent
  •      Perk Points
  •      Perk Points Spent

# Player Stats Reflexes 

  •      Skill Progression Level Assault
  •      Perk Progression XP Assault
  •      Skill Progression Level Handguns
  •      Perk Progression XP Handguns
  •      Skill Progression Level Blades
  •      Perk Progression XP Blades

# Player Stats Technical Ability 

  •      Skill Progression Level Crafting
  •      Perk Progression XP Crafting
  •      Skill Progression Level Engineering
  •      Perk Progression XP Engineering

# Player Stats Body 

  •      Skill Progression Level Athletics
  •      Perk Progression XP Athletics
  •      Skill Progression Level Annihilation
  •      Perk Progression XP Annihilation
  •      Skill Progression Level Street Brawler
  •      Perk Progression XP Street Brawler

# Player Stats Intelligence 

  •      Skill Progression Level Breach Protocol
  •      Perk Progression XP Breach Protocol
  •      Skill Progression Level Quickhacking
  •      Perk Progression XP Quickhacking

# Player Stats Cool 

  •      Skill Progression Level Stealth
  •      Perk Progression XP Stealth
  •      Skill Progression Level Cold Blood
  •      Perk Progression XP Cold Blood

Long, involved games like this with complex scripts, you should ALWAYS SAVE OFTEN!

We have done our best to isolate the options as much as possible, but there are always a chance of unintended consequences.  Best practices is to leave options OFF unless needed.


Gosta de games? Então da uma olhadinha no meu canal do YouTube (?só clicar aqui no link ?)!

Comecei agora em 2020, então ainda preciso de muitas criticas construtivas pra saber como fazer direito. Te espero lá!

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